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Bespoke Advanced Car Care - Vehicle Detailing - East Sussex
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Welcome to Marells Detailing Car Care

Home of Salon Privé Concours D’ Elégance Award Winning Detailers 2014/2015




Marells Detailing is owned by Mark Farrell and offers high-end detailing services for discerning clients throughout the UK. Mark has detailed some of the finest cars in Europe, from concours winning classic Ferraris to the latest supercars and exotica. Mark has a secure detailing studio equipped with all the latest tools and products, based just north of Uckfield in East Sussex. A fully mobile service is also available by prior arrangement.

With over fifteen years of experience in car detailing, Mark is authorised by Swissvax, approved by Professional Valeters & Detailers, and fully insured to ensure complete piece of mind.

Marells offers a range of detailing services, including new car protection, enhancement, and full correction. He also offers maintenance services to ensure your newly detailed motorcar remains in perfect condition.

Call today 01825 733 462 or 07916 183558 to discuss your requirements.

Terms and Conditions

Please read through our terms and conditions before making your booking with us.

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Vehicle Detailing Packages:

New! Winter Protection Detail

Marells Winter Protection Detail Service, Coopers Green, Buxted, East Sussex
  • Wheels cleaned inside & out where accessible
  • Pre snow foam wash
  • Engine bay cleaned & dressed
  • Full exterior wash using ph neutral shampoo
  • Hand dried using special drying towels
  • Paintwork clayed to remove contaminants
  • Light machine polish to prep paintwork for wax
  • Premium wax applied to paintwork and door shuts
  • Windows cleaned inside & out
  • All carpets, upholstery & floor mats vacuumed including boot area Dashboard, door panels & trims cleaned where applicable
  • Tyres and exterior trims dressed
  • Wheel faces sealed with wheel sealant

Protection Detail

Marells Protection Detail Service, Coopers Green, Buxted, East Sussex
  • Wheel cleaning and wax
  • Engine bay cleaning and dressing
  • Full exterior wash
  • Paintwork decontamination
  • All interior vacuum
  • Single stage machine polish
  • Premium wax application
  • Dashboard, doors and trim clean
  • Windows cleaned inside and out

Enhancement Detail

Marells Enhancement Detail Service, Coopers Green, Buxted, East Sussex
  • Wheel cleaning and wax
  • Engine bay cleaning and dressing
  • Full exterior wash
  • Paintwork decontamination
  • Analysis of paint thickness
  • Two stage machine polish
  • Paintwork re-wash
  • Paintwork cleanser application
  • Premium wax application

Revive Detail

Marrells Paint Protection Detail Service, Coopers Green, Buxted, East Sussex
  • Wheel cleaning and wax
  • Engine bay cleaning and dressing
  • Full exterior wash
  • Paintwork decontamination
  • Analysis of paint condition and thickness.
  • Multi stage machine polishing
  • Swissvax wax application
  • Chrome and metal polish
  • Leather clean and condition

What our customers say

  • Timmins
    Mark – once again your attention to detail and efforts cannot be surpassed –my cars look like they are now in a better condition than the day they were delivered and the reflections hurt the eyes !! It’s a shame I now have to use them!! Many Thanks
  • S. Fielding
    After having a machine polish by a reputable London sports car dealership on my F430 it was returned with whats known as (hologramming) lines all over the paint work.I contacted Lancaster of Sevenoaks who kindly recommended Mark.To say Mark did a good job is an understatement He did a fantastic job taking approximately 9 hours before he packed up his extensive range of equipment .Mark did so good on the F430 he was the first call I made after my mishap parking my GTR in a Brighton multi story car park.(they are narrow).Needless to say it was perfect again after Mark had worked his magic.Keep up the great work!!
  • R Galvin Wright
    Mark has done the most extraordinary job on two of our vehicles. One a year old, the other a good deal older and, so I thought, beyond help. They went into Mark's workshop in need of attention both inside and out and came out a few days later in more of a mint condition than they ever did when they were brand new. Mark is a genius, he properly cares and takes enormous pride in his work. He is fascinated in the cars themselves and his customers too. He is clearly interested in all aspects of a vehicles use whether it be for racing, posing or school runs. He properly cares and I drive my car, safe in the knowledge that I know Mark will do everything possible to make sure it is looking its best when it needs to. Highly, highly recommend.
  • P. Brewer
    I have OCD but Mark's attention to detail and obsession with perfection is so evident that he must also be in the club. His work speaks for itself and I won't be going anywhere else. Absolutely brilliant!
  • P. Cooper Just wanted to express my appreciation for the superb effort you put in, when carrying out your Enhanced Detailing on my Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line. I have always spent time and effort in keeping the Tiguan clean but your work has taken this to a completely different level. When I saw the car after you had completed your work, I could see immediately that the paint had a deep shine to it that had not existed before and the surface was glass-smooth. Although my Tiguan may be a run-of-the-mill car compared some that you are asked to work on, the standard you have achieved with the paintwork is beyond reproach. I look forward to regular visits to ensure that this car can always be an ambassador for your business.
  • M. Sanderson
    I had used Marks most incredible Swissvax services last September. After the last 4 months of most vile and horrid weather I phoned the bat phone and placed my call direct to Gotham City and spoke to the caped crusader himself! When I let him loose on my recently purchased Audi....Please check out my initial testimonial, you will see how happy and super pleased I was! So 4 months later I hired Mark again but this time was to give it a uber top up service and to also include The Best of Show Wax..........OHH MY GIDDY AUNTY, he has struck again like a man who's middle name is WAX and I am sure he is half SWISS!!!!!
    I let him get on with it and some 6 hrs later checked out my uber Audi blast beast of beasts......he has made it look like it is the King of Pimps of the highest fact I am so giddy my legs feel real jiggerley, in fact I am so amazed that I have had to order a Stannah Stairlift to be brought in to take me to my bedroom for a lie down as my legs are so giddy with uber excitement!!!!!! Mark, you have again made me so happy, true professionalism and fantastic service!!!!
    You are the best Swissvax detailer in your street! I command that with immediate effect you are made president of Swissvax!!!!!! Thanks again and see you in another 4 months for another top up.
  • Nicholas Burke
    Mark did a wonderful job on my Aston Martin, spotted some paint defects that I hadn't even noticed, and polished them out perfectly. His standards are so exacting that he came back a couple of weeks later, because he was worrying that the roof panel wasn't as good as it should have been - it looked faultless to me! Many thanks Mark.
  • Matt Carter
    I have owned a number of prestige cars over the years, so I'm always weary of who cleans them. Marells are by far and above the most polite and assuring of all the services I have used in the past and I will continue to use them in the future. I didn't realise that cars could be cleaner than 'showroom shine', but I have been proved wrong! I have recommended Marells to a number of clients who were as satisfied as I was.
  • J. Kirvan
    Mark has been looking after our vehicles for over 6 years now. He is an absolute professional and an absolute perfectionist. I have pretty high standards but he exceeds them on every occasion, we have had various vehicles over the period such as Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Jaguar and Aston Martin and there is nothing Mark does not know about all of these vehicles. Cars are a passion of his. His attention to detail goes way beyond any standard I have ever seen before. He has raised the bar within the valeting and detailing industry to such a level that there is no one else who even comes close. I have no hesitation in recommending him as I have done on numerous occasions.
  • J. Hardy
    When I first bought my Focus RS500, I was quick to realise cleaning it was going to be far from straightforward. The car has been wrapped, which can cause headaches when it comes to cleaning on its own. Take into account the fact my car is wrapped with a matte - effect finish and things become even more tricky, as dirt loves to stick to matte wraps. I did some Internet searching to try and find a solution when I discovered Marells Detailing. They know how to look after a wrapped car, they’re local to me and they’re an authorised Swissvax dealer. I was pretty confident they were the firm for the job right away, but after a call to go through what I needed, my mind was made and I booked the RS500 is for its first detail. Mark spent a full day with the car, going over it from top to toe with a range of product designed to meet the needs of my car. I was astonished with the final result – the car looked nothing short of stunning. An amazing transformation, that’s for sure! The skill used when it comes to detailing and cleaning is second to none, plus it’s done with real care and passion. These guys know what they’re doing and the services they provide are worth every penny.
  • J. Nicholson
    I really needed my car detailed so i called up Marells !! what a good move that was , Mark turned up at my work and started straight away . He washed it down and got the spotlamps out and showed me how bad my car really was !!! i was shocked !!! He then polished half a door and said take a look !!! again i was shocked !!! could not believe how bad my car really was so i said carry on!!!.... due to good old English weather he had to do it over a few days and my word , at the end of the job it looked like a BRAND NEW CAR !!!!! Totally made up with the car and the job that was done . Mark is a man of his word and he will do the very best to your car he possibly can . i would recommend Mark to all my friends and family , and to also carry on with many top ups on my AUDI A4 SOLID RED and all the other cars i buy ..... Mark takes his time over the job , he doesn’t rush things so you no your getting a job well done !!!! VERY VERY PLEASED !!!!! He also has a very good (aftercare) work attitude , calls after a few weeks to make sure that your still happy with the job that he had done !!!!!!!!!!! call him don’t hesitate !!!!!!!!!!! Many Thanks Mark
  • J. Godfrey
  • I have recommended Mark on several occasions and would have no hesitation about doing so again. He made the Ferrari look as good as it did when it was new! As for the Range Rover ....once a year it's like having a new car all over again!
  • G. Doyle
    I was first introduced to Marells by Ferrari in 2008 after taking delivery of a 430 spider f1, whilst I have always had an obsession with keeping my cars immaculate I was very sceptical as to what value they could deliver having used various " valeters" over the years and not feeling I had got value for money. Marells however take the experience to a whole new level, the attention to detail is second to none, the quality of products used are first class and the diligence shown by Mark is exemplary. Marells now take care of all my vehicles and I wouldn't dream of letting anyone else near them!
  • D. Taylor

    Mark completed a new car detail on a new Jeep Grand Cherokee that I bought last year, which was excellent. When I bought a new Range Rover Evoque in August of this year (2013) it was a no-brainer as to who to go to to get professional detailing work both inside and out. When the Land Rover dealer offered me the Diamond Brite service, I said "You must be kidding – have you not heard about Mark Farrell". Yet again Mark's work was superb. His attention to detail and the quality finish he provides is outstanding. He is the complete professional – in short – simply the best.

  • D. Lucas
    As the owner of S Lucas Group, the UK's no. 1 fit out and finishing specialist, I have to consistently ensure we are offering our blue chip clients the very best in terms of service & quality whilst maintaining the very highest levels of attention to detail. Our clients include McLaren with whom we are an official technology partner and they will only accept the very best . In line with the standards and service we offer, I look for the same from any suppliers and partners I work with both in business and personally.When it comes to professional valeting and detailing, Marells are leaders in their field and fit the bill perfectly for my requirements.It for this reason that I have used Mark and his team at Marells for the last 5 years to professionally valet and detail my own vehicles.I would not hesitate to recommend Marells to any business or individual looking for a first class, hassle free, top quality service.
  • A & J Funnell
    We have a seven year old Audi RS6 which we have owned since seven months old. Whilst we have looked after it, we have never had the time to clean it properly in the manner which the car deserves and it had got into a pretty filthy condition of which we are not proud. Decision: keep or sell. The car had only 26000 miles on it and is really excellent. We were recommended to Mark and despite being always cautious of entrusting such work to unknown people, the recommendation was important. We need not have worried. Marks knowledge and advice was excellent, his commitment to quality obvious, his flexibility and service superb. We wanted the car to be as good as possible so Mark committed three days to our car. We were simply astonished when we saw the finished result. Absolutely superb. Its appearance and presentation were better than when we bought the car at seven months old from an Audi main dealer. It is like having a new car again in which our pride is restored - a beautiful car once again which we will certainly be keeping and hopefully maintain in the condition to which Mark has now achieved. We will definitely be using Marks services again and will be giving the highest unreserved recommendation to any others who may be considering such services. Marks enthusiasm for his work is contagious and the investment was worth every penny. Mark is a perfectionist!!
  • A. Almozhani
    Mark has been detailing my Porsche 911 for the last 3 years. As I am the kind of person who is always looking for "something better", the fact that I keep coming back to Mark says a lot. It is also refreshing to work with someone who isn't all talk and no show. Mark talks you through his process and backs it up with impeccable work and products. I always look forward to his visits and seeing my pride and joy sparkle and shine afterwards.
  • A. McKibbin
    I only recently came across "detailing" and there are a few people offering it at a variety of prices. I chose Mark...and am I glad I did! My 12 year old Merc 320 sl was looking very tired. The transformation Mark made was fantastic. So many people have commented on it. The colour and depth of colour are amazing. Mark took so much trouble to make sure I was happy. I have already recommended him to friends. If you are looking for an excellent service and result at a price that is not crazy please get in touch with him. You will not be disappointed.

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